What you need to know before buying a suit

Diving into the world of formalwear can be a bit overwhelming, especially when you are going to purchase a suit. Not many people know it, but it’s actually a very complicated garment to buy. Trust us, if one aspect of the suit is badly fitted, you won’t be looking perfectly tailored like James Bond. Therefore, keep these helpful tips in mind when you purchase a suit.


Leonardo 5th Avenue is one of the leading and most recognized companies in the luxury menswear We, at Leonardo 5th Avenue, know there’s nothing worse than an ill-fitting suit! That’s why knowing your measurements is so important to finding the perfect suit for you. Taking the correct measurements of your neck, chest, shoulders, arm length, waist, and leg length is key. 


  1. When you wear your suit, the shoulder seams sit on the outside of your shoulders.
  2. The coat sleeve length must reach down to your wrist knuckle and sit above the shirt sleeve cuff, where it will show by half an inch. 
  3. The coat length should fall right above the knuckles on your fingers. 
  4. Button your jacket and slide your thumb between the button and your stomach; it should feel snug, but not unbearably tight. 
  5. The pants should lie comfortably at your waist and the hem hover just above your shoe.

Suits are investments and a key garment in any closet, so you want the perfect one for you. Visit a Leonardo 5th Avenue store near you to get personalized help and styling or shop our latest styles on our website.

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