L5A has its origin as a distinctive brand of formal clothing. L5A’s evolution to bring formal tailored clothing to a more innovative and streetwear approach have produced outstanding results for the brand, still maintaining its forefront formal essence. L5A HOUSE OF FASHION offers couture, ready to wear, and be-spoke made-to measure innovative collections that are rigorously designed, well tested and produced by our designing team, with the finest fabrics and attention to detail and fit.

Some of our brands are:

Leonardo Fifth Avenue

Leonardo Cordero Suria 

Clubman by Leonardo

L5A Women


Company Designers lead the brand in creating designs for our tailored and sportwear clothing lines, including accessories. Leading the vision of the company by bringing into life designs and products that our customers love. Our designers travel the world to be inspired by new trends and meet with the best fabric sources to bring excellence in quality and workmanship.


Cordero Suria

CEO & Chief Fashion Designer 

While studying fashion design and textile science at the Philadelphia campus of the Philadelphia College of Textiles and Science, Leonardo decided to join the family business after completing his masters degree. He became the company vice president in 1993, and led efforts to convert the retail menswear Caribbean company into a solid and dynamic enterprise. In 2004 he became chief executive officer and led efforts to transform the multi-brand offerings into a mono-brand. Since then, the designer has presented over 20 collections in re-known fashion runways, such as, San Juan Moda, Dominicana Moda, RDFW, among other.  Under his leadership and creativity, the brand has continuously evolved over the years as a men’s tailoring bespoke powerhouse, focusing on designer collection lines, custom made programs for men and women, and ready to wear collections.  

Ana Sofía

Cordero Mellado

Fashion Director & Head Fashion Designer

The young designer graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Fashion Merchandising & Design from Southern Illinois University. Later, finished her masters degree in Fashion Design Womenswear from Istituto Marangoni in Milan, Italy. Following her masters degree in Milan and working experiences in Florence, Italy with designer Sonia Beconcini, Ana Sofia begins to work at Leonardo Fifth Avenue as Fashion Director. Along with head designer, Leonardo Cordero-Suria, Ana Sofia has been at the forefront of the brand’s continuous development of more innovative forms of tailoring, particularly in women’s tailoring, converting the brand into an international lifestyle fashion brand.

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