Contrary to popular belief, suits are very versatile garments! It doesn’t matter if you just want to wear your favorite suit every chance you get or need to quickly change your outfit for your after-work plans, you can transition it without much work. Follow these three easy tricks to effortlessly take your suit from day to night.

  1. Lose the jacket

One way to take your suit from day to night is ditching the coat but keeping the rest of the outfit. Take off your jacket, unbutton your shirt and roll up your sleeves. This will help adjust your office attire to a more after-work look, whatever the plans may be.

2. Change the pants

Pair the coat with other pants for a more relaxed look. Try it with jeans to go to a casual dinner, with shorts if the day is getting hot, or even sweats. This way you’ll be more comfortable, yet stylish.

3. Get casual with it

If you love your suit and want to continue showing it off (we get it, we’re the same), keep the jacket and pants but change the shirt. Ditch the button down and put on a simple white or black t-shirt. If you want a more urban or edgy look, pair the suit with a hoodie or crewneck instead. 

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