Summer’s heating up, but so is your style game! Blazers aren’t just for the colder months, they’re your year-round must-have, even in the summer heat. Ready to stay cool and look sharp? We’ve got you! Office Cool Sweating in the sun? Not in the office! Pair a lightweight blazer with a dress shirt and chinos to keep […]


Traveler Spring Summer 2022 El nuevo-normal se transforma a través de un viaje por el buen vestir. La nueva colección Traveler del diseñador de moda Leonardo Cordero Suria nos trae una propuesta con combinaciones antes vistas que revolucionan el concepto de la vestimenta masculina. En una paleta de colores basada en la naturaleza vemos una […]


LEONARDO 5TH AVENUE TAKE OVER NEW YORK FASHION WEEK 2022 BOLD SS2023 is a collection inspired by our contemporary artistic society that portrays optimism and and hopefulness towards the future, while living with political and environment uncertainties. The looks presented consider functionally in contrast with a playful tone that speaks to consumers about their need […]

3 easy ways to take your suit from day to night

Contrary to popular belief, suits are very versatile garments! It doesn’t matter if you just want to wear your favorite suit every chance you get or need to quickly change your outfit for your after-work plans, you can transition it without much work. Follow these three easy tricks to effortlessly take your suit from day to […]

What should the groom wear to his wedding?

When we think about weddings, we usually picture the bride in her dress. But, what about the groom? What should he wear when he says: “I do”? Don’t worry, Leonardo Fifth Avenue has you covered! We have created this simple guide for grooms to choose the perfect attire for their special day. Choose an attire […]


Last Dance Fall-Winter 2023 Last Dance fall-winter 2023 by fashion designer Leonardo Cordero Suria. Through this new proposal he celebrates life and once again evokes happiness. It is evident in the presentation of the contrasts and color combinations that expand through all the pieces, always trying to maintain a formal style and with the highest […]


AUTHORITY FALL 2019 Like a fashion forecast, the new “Authority” collection by designer Leonardo Cordero Suria fills your image with the future. The proposal displays a palette of warm colors that invite you to awaken your instincts to explore and discover. Solid browns, dark blues, olive greens, along with shades of gray and black provide […]


Sunset SS2019 by Leonardo Cordero Suria It is a collection for a young gentleman, or one who projects himself to be young, who cares particularly about the fit and his own image. Inspired by the tropics, contact with nature and the energy of the Caribbean, in this proposal we will see bright colors, double-breasted jacket […]


ROCK & ROLL REVIVAL FW2018 Yes, there is a similarity between rock & roll and formal men’s fashion. Let’s not forget that Elton John, David Bowie, even Black Sabbath, among others, dressed for their presentations in a classic style adapted to their particular personality. The rocker comes out wants to impregnate the footprint of him. […]

What you need to know before buying a suit

Diving into the world of formalwear can be a bit overwhelming, especially when you are going to purchase a suit. Not many people know it, but it’s actually a very complicated garment to buy. Trust us, if one aspect of the suit is badly fitted, you won’t be looking perfectly tailored like James Bond. Therefore, […]

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