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Ready to Keep Celebrating

Our Island is ready to keep celebrating!

We know that these have been trying times for many in Puerto Rico and all around the word. We also know that celebrating is in our DNA, and that it’s more important than ever share our special moments with our friends and family as safe as we can. This is why we join the Event Industry in stating that we are ready to keep celebrating.

We’ve created a detailed plan to celebrate our special events while following strict safety measures. A great way to do this is to have organize micro events. These events are a perfect way to keep the safety standards up to code and still enjoy the big day the way you envision them. Having a sanitizing station at the venue is also important, so guests can wash their hands, disinfect their shoes. We also recommend testing for all attendees, so that no stone is left unturned.

Find out more about our efforts here.

#EstamosListos #SeguimosCelebrando

Trend Alert: Intimate Weddings

If there’s anything we’ve learned during these last few months is that people are master redesigners. We see brides and grooms change their wedding plans to accommodate new regulations while staying strong and ready to celebrate. Micro weddings, intimate ceremonies, and elopements have become a trend that is easy to get on board with, not to mention wonderful to plan and dress!

Let’s elope in style

Elopements used to be associated with spontaneously running away towards your happily ever after. Now they’re synonymous with truly intimate, stylish and photogenic weddings. It’s an opportunity to dress to the nines while keeping everyone in your close circle safe and healthy. This is an amazing opportunity to have everyone dressed to harmonize with the look that the couple wants to achieve. It’s a great chance to get everyone in the same dress code and the aesthetics the couple yearns for, color scheme and even fabrics. A Pinterest worthy set up if we’ve ever seen one!

Just between us

In intimate weddings, couples get to say their “I do’s” in front of their closest friends and family. Because of the scaled-down size, brides and grooms can save on bigger expenses and focus on making the smaller spaces even more special. Like the elopement, this is also a great opportunity to get the lucky attendees dressed formally and in the theme of the event to create the absolute perfect picture. These can be followed up with a one-year anniversary party, where the couple can celebrate their love on a grander scale when it’s safe to do so. Double the celebration!

Our big wedding, but make it micro

Micro weddings tend to have no more than 20 attendees. This is perfect for brides and grooms who can’t just strip down their guest list to 4 or 5 people. Wedding planners have come up with fun and photogenic ways to keep friends and family safe while still feeling like a larger wedding, so look out for clever seating plans, sanitation stations and goodie bags with face coverings for the attendees to use during the ceremony. If you’re planning a micro wedding, consider setting a strict formal dress code and color story that everyone can follow. 

An opportunity to dress to the nines! 

These three trends present an exciting opportunity to dress up your entire wedding in your own style. The L5A team is ready to find the perfect look for the wedding and make this a day to remember! 


A Celebration of You

With more than half the year behind us, it’s amazing to look back at everything that has happened in 2020. In the midst of a turbulent year, we’ve seen people get more creative than ever before to make the best out of difficult situations - we’ve seen and heard everything from virtual proms to micro weddings, to concerts on Instagram and business meetings on Zoom. That’s why we designed our latest campaign around what matters most right now and always: you.  A Celebration of You: this was the concept behind our latest visual presentation. We want to celebrate each and......

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We celebrate, when you celebrate. A message from our CEO.

Dear clients,   As this uncertain time continues, we hope that you and your loved ones are healthy and safe. It saddens us to know that in better times, we would be celebrating in fashion and style all special moments with family and friends. The chances are that celebrations will take place for some time, in a different way. Having this in mind, we are glad to announce the launch of new services and strategies to make you think about new ways to celebrate special moments and occasions. We are enhancing our safety protocols to be implemented as stores open......

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Leonardo 5th Avenue’s New Winter Park Store

[vc_custom_heading text="Leonardo 5th Avenue Brings Made-to-Order, Designer Men’s Fashion to Central Florida with its New Winter Park Store" font_size="24" font_weight="700"]WINTER PARK, Fla. – With a 49-year track record of elegance and sophistication in the luxury menswear industry, Leonardo 5th Avenue is opening its first North America store at 121 E. Welbourne Ave. in Winter Park on Feb. 5. Leonardo specializes in made-to-order suits and tuxes. It introduces to the market a fun way to shop for top quality men’s fashion with customizable pieces that allow customers to make the designs their own and showcase their personal style."We are thrilled to......

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Dr. Fernando Sepúlveda – #LFA_Nation

Para mí, vestirme de Leonardo, significa elegancia. Leonardo siempre se caracteriza por eso mismo, por tener estilos elegantes y clásicos. Lo más que me gusto de la experiencia fue, número uno, el trato personalizado que te dan cada vez allí. Yo fui por primera vez a hacerme la etiqueta para mi boda y la experiencia fue tan buena que me hizo volver y tener ropa para el día a día, para mis conferencias. Emocionado, porque me estaba poniendo algo que me gustaba mucho para un día tan especial en el que uno quiere lucir como nunca antes. Cuando uno se......

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Yaska Crespo – #LFA_Nation

Para mí, vestir de Leonardo 5th Avenue, significa experiencia, glamour, sentirme segura. Lo más que me gustó de la experiencia en el Designers Studio es, precisamente, tener la comodidad de escoger detalle por detalle. No era sencillamente escoger una tela, sino, tomar el tiempo para escoger la tela de adentro (linner) que me gustaba. O sea, tener esos detalles. Para mí, no importa el evento en el cual utilice este atuendo, me siento completa, me veo empoderada. Siento que voy por ahí fashion, fashion, fashion. Le añade a mi personalidad. Yo pienso que fue como un sentimiento encontrado; como que: "te ves tan......

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Leandro Diaz | #LFA_Nation

Mi experiencia fue muy buena, porque se toman su tiempo con la persona que quiere diseñar y te enseñan diferentes tipos de texturas. Cuando me llamaron, rápidamente dije "¡Vamos a buscarla!". Me sentí como, "¡Wao! Lo diseñé yo; fue creado por mí". Se me dio la oportunidad de diseñar mi etiqueta y poderla lucir. Todo el mundo fue de color vino, fuimos tres personas lo más que resaltaron en el prom y cuando me vieron la primera vez, dijeron: "esto no es nada lo que tú nos dijiste" porque estaban bien sorprendidos. Para mi Junior Prom en 8vo, también use......

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Seamos honestos: todos hemos pasado por esto. Recibiste una invitación para un evento especial y el "dress code" dice que es "formal" o "semi-formal", y no tienes ni idea de cómo escoger el traje ideal para tí. Tal vez por fin te decidiste a invitar a tu "crush" a salir y quieres sorprender en ese date. O tal vez simplemente quieres darle un upgrade a tu closet. Cualquiera que sea el caso, hoy vas a conocer las diferencias entre el traje rentado, el traje "Ready to Wear" y el traje "Designed to Measure". El traje rentado es, por lo general, la primera opción de todos. Es ideal para......

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