If there’s anything we’ve learned during these last few months is that people are master redesigners. We see brides and grooms change their wedding plans to accommodate new regulations while staying strong and ready to celebrate. Micro weddings, intimate ceremonies, and elopements have become a trend that is easy to get on board with, not to mention wonderful to plan and dress!

Let’s elope in style

Elopements used to be associated with spontaneously running away towards your happily ever after. Now they’re synonymous with truly intimate, stylish and photogenic weddings. It’s an opportunity to dress to the nines while keeping everyone in your close circle safe and healthy. This is an amazing opportunity to have everyone dressed to harmonize with the look that the couple wants to achieve. It’s a great chance to get everyone in the same dress code and the aesthetics the couple yearns for, color scheme and even fabrics. A Pinterest worthy set up if we’ve ever seen one!

Just between us

In intimate weddings, couples get to say their “I do’s” in front of their closest friends and family. Because of the scaled-down size, brides and grooms can save on bigger expenses and focus on making the smaller spaces even more special. Like the elopement, this is also a great opportunity to get the lucky attendees dressed formally and in the theme of the event to create the absolute perfect picture. These can be followed up with a one-year anniversary party, where the couple can celebrate their love on a grander scale when it’s safe to do so. Double the celebration!

Our big wedding, but make it micro

Micro weddings tend to have no more than 20 attendees. This is perfect for brides and grooms who can’t just strip down their guest list to 4 or 5 people. Wedding planners have come up with fun and photogenic ways to keep friends and family safe while still feeling like a larger wedding, so look out for clever seating plans, sanitation stations and goodie bags with face coverings for the attendees to use during the ceremony. If you’re planning a micro wedding, consider setting a strict formal dress code and color story that everyone can follow. 

An opportunity to dress to the nines! 

These three trends present an exciting opportunity to dress up your entire wedding in your own style. The L5A team is ready to find the perfect look for the wedding and make this a day to remember!