Leonardo 5th Avenue Brings Made-to-Order, Designer Men’s Fashionto Central Florida with its New Winter Park Store

WINTER PARK, Fla. – With a 49-year track record of elegance and sophistication in the luxury menswear industry, Leonardo 5th Avenue is opening its first North America store at 121 E. Welbourne Ave. in Winter Park on Feb. 5.

Leonardo specializes in made-to-order suits and tuxes. It introduces to the market a fun way to shop for top quality men’s fashion with customizable pieces that allow customers to make the designs their own and showcase their personal style.

“We are thrilled to be in Florida and to call Winter Park our home base here”, said company president Leonardo Cordero Suria. “This is a market that appreciates elegance, sophistication, and quality. Our suits and tuxes offer all of that while also extending our customers a great value.”

With eleven stores in the Caribbean, Leonardo 5th Avenue is positioning itself to grow in the continental U.S. with Central Florida as its base. The 1,700-square-foot Winter Park location is an elegant and flagship store that inspires creativity. A complementary bar boasts a fine collection of bourbons and whiskey for clients to enjoy, while lattes, cortaditos and more, are crafted in house for those who prefer a caffeinated experience.

“We have made a significant investment in this region because we are here to stay and to grow,” Leonardo said. “Our store is a space that boosts our fashion creativity. Customers get inspired by color palettes, hundreds of fabrics, trends and mood boards to make designs their own guided by our fashion consultants.”

Leonardo, also an acclaimed designer and creative director, rolls out two collections a year for his stores with designs that are customizable. To do so, clients have a couple of options. With Leonardo’s Custom-Made line, they choose the pieces they like, which are then made to fit like a glove through a meticulous assessment of the customer’s body. More than 30 different measurements are taken. A pattern for the pieces is then created and they are cut with utmost precision to produce unique suits, sports jackets, shirts, vests and pants to the customer’s specifications. The final product is ready within 30 to 45 days.

Leonardo’s Made to Order line, offers a more accessible alternative with ready-to-use patterns for a variety of designs. The patterns are adapted to the customer’s body contour and the attire is then made to order. In both instances, and with the help of a stylist, customers can choose from more than 300 fabrics including 100% wool, jacquards and blends. Also customizable: lapels, buttons, stitching, linings and more.

Conversely, Leonardo’s Ready-to-Wear line, offers over 80 styles to choose from, including power suits for women.